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Extension of your

Here you can renew your adoption

We are pleased that you want to extend your sponsorship for your organic olive tree. It’s very easy. For the extension, we have created a product that is slightly cheaper than the first sponsorship. After all, we also have less effort. If you are already a customer, it is best to log in first. It is important for us that you give us your mobile number so that we can send you photos of your tree and updates. If you have received the sponsorship as a gift, you will become a new customer with us with the order.

In order to find your tree we also need the current order number from you. You can find them on the certificate:

Important: Your new sponsorship replaces the current sponsorship. So it starts from the beginning with the completion of the extension and you get the olive oil from your tree as usual next winter. As usual in agriculture, we cannot guarantee the amount of harvest of your tree. This year we had a good harvest and you got the estimated amount of organic olive oil. However, it may be that the harvest in autumn 2021 will not be so good and we will only be able to deliver less olive oil per tree.

All sponsorships only run for one year at a time, because we want you to be satisfied with our project and decide to do it every year.

Here you can extend: