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Crowd Farming Italy Harvest 2021

Harvest 2021 – a good year is often followed by a less good one

Sponsorship Olive Tree Harvest 2021

Sponsorship olive tree: not every olive year can be good.

Sponsorship olive tree: the harvest last year 2020 spoiled us very much. Dense inflorescences in May and a lush harvest in October. No storms, no droughts, everything went great. Unfortunately, that doesn’t look so good this year. Admittedly, we cannot complain about storms or adverse circumstances. Also, the weather was actually okay. But still, we count fewer olives on the trees. Often there is no real explanation for this. This is nature in its original form and therefore not unusual.

And that’s what makes up our lives as organic farmers. Every year, not knowing how the year will go. Added to this are the changes brought about by climate change, which has not yet been dramatically visible in our area, but which nevertheless has an impact on such a sensitive ecological system as an organic olive farm.
For our community of adoptive parents our organic olive trees, this does not mean anything concrete at this time. But we would like to gently get you in the mood for the fact that we may not be able to send as many bottles per tree as usual and as last year.

Fortunately, last year we made “Olive in Salamoia” from many olives. Should we actually have a worse harvest in 2021, we would enclose a glass of “Olive in Salamoia” with every adoptive parent as a consolation patch. So the sponsorship olive tree may not be a big disappointment.

After a week of harvesting the organic olives, we can already estimate a little better what the yield will be this year. Last year we produced about 2,000 liters of organic olive oil with the whole farm. This year it will be a maximum of half. Some trees have so few olives that it is not worth harvesting, as we harvest by hand and need about 1 hour per tree. If there are only a handful of olives in the nets, the effort is simply not worth it.