Organic Shop Italy: Adopt an organic olive tree of the famous Taggiasca variety directly from the organic farm in Northern Italy.

Here you can support a movement to expand and establish sustainable agriculture in Italy. Through our project, more and more olive growers, beekeepers and fruit growers are already switching to organic organic farming. You want to join us after the certification process. Currently you will find in our shop first-class extra virgin olive oil from two organic farms. And you can adopt an organic olive tree and enjoy the yield of your own olive tree.

Our Taggiasca organic olive tree sponsorships

Here you can adopt one or more organic olive trees. Die Adoptionen laufen immer ein Jahr lang. During this time you will become a member of the organic community. After the harvest in October / November, the yield from your olive tree will automatically be sent to you in January / February in the form of extra virgin organic olive oil.

Olive tree sponsorships subscription

The olive tree sponsorships are now also available as a subscription. They run indefinitely, but can be canceled at any time. You can easily do that on the website. You can stop, pause, or change it.

Gift vouchers for organic olive tree sponsorship

When you need it fast: The voucher is available for download within an hour. Simply order and pay. Once the money is registered, a link to the gift voucher will be sent.

Buy organic olive oil directly from the farm

You can also order our first-class organic extra virgin olive oil directly. Unfortunately, the serious one in 2022 was so bad that we cannot offer you any olive oil at the moment.