Give away a year of organic farming in Italy

Organic farming give away in Italy

– a very special gift. The recipient becomes the godfather of a large organic olive tree in Italy by the sea. The tree gets a wooden sign with the name on it, photos and a video are created. In addition, there is a gift package with a printed certificate, framed in a real wood frame and a small vial of the organic olive oil of the respective farm. During the 2022 harvest, the new “organic farmer” will be able to live on the farm at a reduced price and actively participate in the entire production of organic olive oil. Depending on the year, the harvest of your tree is between 1.5 and 5 liters of organic olive oil, which you can take home directly.
Organic Farming Give Away Organic LogoIf you prefer to complete “Bio Farming gift in Italy” normally and not as a gift, click here On Bio Farming without a gift.

Farm: Azienda Agricola Sassolive s.r.l.s

Important information

An extraordinary gift for nature lovers who want to actively participate in the promotion of sustainable agriculture. You give away a sponsorship of an organic olive tree in Italy by the sea, combined with the possibility of the recipient to participate actively in the production of olive oil during the harvest period. She/he can live in one of the holiday homes at discounted prices and help you to go to the press or to buy your own organic olives, depending on your mood.
At the end of the stay, the new “organic farmer” will be given a 5-litre canister with his own extra virgin organic olive oil.

If you prefer to complete organic farming normally and not as a gift, click here on Organic Farming without a gift.

Membership does not automatically renew. You are asked every year if you want to extend it. So that you have something to hand over at your birthday or wedding, you will receive a gift packagefrom us. We print the certificate on high quality cardboard and frame it in a beautiful real wood frame. In addition, we lay a vial of organic olive oil (alternatively a glass of pickled olives) of the olives of the farm.

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