Voucher olive tree sponsorship

When you need it fast: Voucher for olive tree sponsorship available within an hour. This voucher olive tree sponsorship is valid for a sponsorship of an organic olive tree. When redeeming the voucher, the recipient will receive the adoption from us. He adopts for one year an organic olive tree of the Taggiasca variety on our farm.

The tree gets a wooden sign with a name of your choice, a certificate, photos and a video. After this year, the sponsorship can be extended. Each sponsor will automatically receive at least 0.5 liters of organic extra virgin olive oil from his tree after the 2023 harvest. If the harvest is better, additional olive oil can be ordered at a special price.


2. name of the presentee(s)

Empfänger des Gutscheins:

To whom will the voucher be given?

3. who gives the gift certificate?

Schenker*in des Gutscheins:

From whom does the voucher come?
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