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Olive tree sponsorship in Oneglia/Liguria
Olive tree sponsorship in Oneglia/Liguria

Sassolive - azienda agricola - the mother of the
Organic Farming Idea

Organic Farming Italy would not exist without the Sassolive Organic Farm. This wonderful place right by the sea, inseparably linked to the centuries-old tradition of growing olive trees – then the paradgime change to sustainable agriculture. All this was the origin of the vision of bringing organic farming closer to humans.

That’s why Bianca’s Farm is the origin of our initiative to expand organic farming around Sassolive. It cultivates over 1,100 olive trees, the oldest of which have a hundred years on the crowns.

Olive tree adopt Sassolive

Brief on our history of Sassolive

“We have been producing olive oil for five generations. My great-great-grandfather Mario Novaro started in early 1900, when the olive oil was still bottled in metal cans. Mario exported not only olive oil, but also Italian culture: for example, he published a small book through which he advertised his olive oil, but also presented profiles and works by some aspiring Italian artists. (on you can see the whole story in Italian). Now times have changed, we have been producing extra virgin olive oil for years only from the olives from our own organic park, which is organically certified.

Me and my team do not value the amount of our organic products achieved, but the high quality and harmony with nature during production. But also on respect for the trees and for the land on which they took their roots, just like us. This country is really a special place.”


The mountain of Torre Alpicella

Over 7 hectares of organic park overlooking the sea, guarded by the remains of an old Saracen tower, the Torre Alpicella. The special geographical location offers a temperate climate in winter and a fresh summer. Olive oil has been produced on this particular spot of earth for many generations. Rosetta – Bianca’s great-grandmother – was already engaged in the nature-related care of olive trees, vegetables, orchards and our vineyard.

In recent decades, the inhabitants of the area have been concerned with housing, so the barn has become Villa Bianca, the wooden shed has become Villa Alpicella, the old stable is now Casa del Cedro. Other properties still need to be renovated, we look forward to the next steps.

Address and contact:
Sassolive – azienda agricola
Via Diano Calderina N.284 Imperia
Telephone: +39 347 5976928
P.iva: 01644400085

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the current weather in Oneglia/Imperia

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