Information on delivery and shipping

Prices, shipping costs and delivery information

The following services are included in the shipping costs (double effort for the gift variants):

  • Storage of goods in various locations in Europe
  • Shipping to the warehouses
  • Packing, awarding, delivering of consignments
  • Packaging material such as cartons and degradable filling material made of potato starch
    as well as recycled paper
  • Forwarding or postal charges

Shipments to Switzerland will incur additional charges for customs clearance. We do not deliver to all the countries of Europe.
The pricing depends on the weight and size of the consignment and the type of goods. Fragile good requires a higher material effort.

Shipping costs:
to Germany:
up to 2 kg: 9,00
up to 5 kg: 11,00
up to 10 kg: 14,00

within Europe:
up to 2 kg: 18,00
up to 5 kg: 23,00
up to 10 kg: 26,00

Depending on the product and country, the flat-rate shipping fee is between 9.00 euros and 26.00 euros. The shipping fee includes the statutory value added tax. Since VAT is calculated on the flat-rate shipping costs depending on the goods purchased, it can be reduced if goods are purchased at lower VAT rates. This means that the shipping fee can only be calculated definitively during the ordering process. However, it cannot get higher, but only lower in your favour.

Status: 16.12.2023