Our philosophy: we are not angels, but we have a vision.

Our philosophy: You don’t have to be an angel to get good moving. We drive Vespa and cars, we have cell phones and we eat fish and sometimes meat. But we have a vision. We imagine that we are initiating a movement through which more and more farmers in Liguria and the whole of Italy are discovering how much more real, beautiful and, in the long term, it is more profitable to cultivate their land organically.

And that join the people, from all over Europe. People who discover Organic Farming Italy for themselves, who are enthusiastic about this idea and want to help passively or actively to spread faster and more quickly.

So at some point we will be hundreds of farmers and thousands of contributors. And we will be proud that we have been able to play a part in protecting the climate, improving nutrition and preserving biodiversity.

2022 was a dramatic year for organic olive growers on the coast of western Liguria. The drought, which began in the winter and continued throughout the year, has led to the fact that the harvest more or less fails. And this after the year 2021 also already brought only 10-15% of the usual harvest. We have reacted and are supporting a newly established relief fund: Rete Tesori della Riviera. He is trying to ensure the survival of organic farmers. MORE >>

And you can help us with that. MORE >>

The year 2023 was also very bad. This time for all olive farmers throughout the Mediterranean region. We were only able to produce 8% of the normal harvest. Overall, around 50% of the harvest is missing in Europe. As a result, the price of olive oil in Germany rose by 47%, which was by far the highest value in the inflation basket.

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"There are two days when you can't improve the world: yesterday and tomorrow."


Tenzin Gyatso

Dalai Lama

Quality always stands before profit

When we have to choose between the quality of our products and the margin for the same, we always choose the quality. That is our philosophy. For example, we will not allow new adoptions if we are concerned that we will not be able to produce enough organic olive oil for the adoptive parents at the end of the year. Because we would never mix our olive oil with one from another farm. This is what you taste when you know the original oil and this would not meet our demand for first-class organic olive oil. And our philosophy is to only have people around us who share our views. This applies equally to farmers, but also to customers.

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There is not only a little organic

Our philosophy: organic is not a trend, it is a way of life. Although it is not possible for most people to keep to the rules of a sustainable life. This is not the case with our organic olive oil. There is no such way here or not at all. So our olive oil is 100% organic. Without any additives. Even the olive press has never come into contact with anything inorganic unnatural.

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Share and communicate

Sustainability is too important not to be shared. So we are always looking for new ideas in order to spread as far as possible what is good and right for all of us. Adoption of the olive trees is just an idea here. For example, we also plan to offer events for companies so that their co-owners can experience live what it means to produce food in harmony with the environment.

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You and us - the organic community

People who just want to buy olive oil shouldn’t adopt an organic olive tree from us. With the sponsorship you are part of a community of organic farmers. With all its advantages and disadvantages. You take part in the development of your tree, you can come and visit it. But like all farmers you also bear the risk of a bad harvest, for example. That’s nature.


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