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About Organic Farming Italy: the best ideas are born in the belly. So was the idea that led to the founding of Organic Farming Italy. It arose when Bianca Bartolozzi and Ubaldo Spangnolo came to the decision to stop using this magical piece of land on which they live and run organic farming.

They wanted to share it with people who feel and think of them themselves – to have a passion for organic farming, to live in harmony with nature. And one way to bring this paradise closer to like-minded people is the idea of having some of the thousand organic olive trees adopted and thus to learn more about organic farming.

So the godparents have an immediate part in a piece of Italy, in an idea that should set an example and will change the world something through organic farming.


"Fra il leccio il pino l'ulivo alto sul mare. tra voli di farfalle sparsi canti di uccelli, ansia di mare."

Mario Novaro about Organic Farming Itay

Bianca's great-great-grandfather

Our organic farms

Our organic farmers in the region always have one thing in common that goes beyond Organic Farming Italy: they think, feel and work one hundred percent organic. At the moment they cultivate over 20 hectares of organic land and grow vegetables, fruits and wine in Liguria in addition to olives. And they produce pesto, pickled olives alongside fresh organic eggs and organic honey.

Due to the great success of Organic Farming Italy, other farmers and beekeepers have come to our attention. It may well be that we will soon be growing. Organic Farming Italy is thus creating an ever-growing area that is sustainably managed. More >>

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Impressions of Bio Farming

In addition to producing organic food through Organic Farming Italy, sustainable agriculture has side benefits that always excite us. By this we mean not only the incredible flower splendour on the farms. Rather, we are discovering more and more rare herbs and insects that are almost unto be found elsewhere.

Thus, our farms that offer their products through Organic Farming Italy are living proof of the promotion of biodiversity through sustainable agriculture. And in this way a lot is achieved through organic farming in our area.