Subscription organic olive tree sponsorship

The subscription organic olive tree sponsorship. Here you can order a real subscription to an olive tree adoption. The sponsorship then runs as long as you want it. You can suspend, change or end at any time. As with the short sponsorships, your tree will receive a wooden plaque with your name on it and you will receive a certificate. We also take pictures and a video of your organic olive tree for you.

You can visit your tree. It grows in northern Italy by the sea and is easily accessible by car.

Every winter you get the harvest of your tree – first-class organic extra virgin olive oil, depending on the size of the tree and the yield of the harvest, usually 0.75 and 5 liters. It always depends on the amount of the harvest, which we divide fairly among all sponsors every year.
adopt an olive treeIf you want to give away the sponsorship, buy the gift package below. You will then receive the certificate in a wooden frame and a bottle of olive oil (or a glass of preserved organic olives) from our farm. The sponsorship lasts indefinitely. But you can end it at any time.


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so that you have something to hand over when you want to give away the sponsorship.

Gift package for olive tree adoptions

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Important information

Subscription organic olive tree sponsorship

With the organic olive tree sponsorship subscription, you adopt your own olive tree for an indefinite period of time. But you can change your subscription at any time – simply online. You can pause, change, or cancel it. So you have no risk but your tree in the long run as long as you want it. Of course, your tree also has a wooden sign with a name on it that you choose yourself. We’ll take photos and a video of this, which you will receive when you start your membership. Either in your own WhatsApp group or in your own Dropbox folder.


Depending on the size of your tree and how the harvest turns out, you will normally receive between 0.75 and 5 liters of organic extra virgin olive oil directly and automatically every year as long as your subscription is active. If the harvest is worse than expected, the supply of olive oil may be reduced accordingly. Delivery is fully automatic. The harvest takes place every year in October / November. We send the organic olive oil after a short rest period and bottling in January / February after the respective harvest.

delivery time

The delivery time until you get your pictures and the video, or until the gift package arrives, varies and is difficult to predict. For example, in a period of bad weather, production is delayed. But please calculate with 2 to 3 weeks.

Subscription term for organic olive tree sponsorship

You conclude the term of your adoption subscription indefinitely. But you can cancel, pause or change it at any time. For example, if you switch from a small to a large tree, you will of course get a new tree.


The subscription is billed annually. You only pay for one year at a time. Every 365 days. The amount will be collected automatically.

Gift package

Subscription organic olive tree sponsorship gift packageIf you want to give a gift to your subscription, you can add a gift package . Then we print the certificate on high-quality cardboard and print the desired date. And you get an additional bottle of organic olive oil (alternatively a glass of pickled olives) of the olives of the farm. You can find the gift package in the shop or above this description.


With the campaign “adopt olive trees” you support sustainable agriculture in Italy and contribute to climate and environmental protection. In order to save CO2 , we have set up storage facilities in Europe. We distribute the oil in a large delivery to the countries of the members. In front of there, the members are supplied in smaller quantities. This means that you usually get your organic olive oil from your own country.

We also use environmentally friendly materials wherever possible. The gift boxes are made of a special material that consists of 60% organic grass and 40% recycled cardboard. So everyone who adopt an olive tree can be sure that everything around is sustainable.

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*delivery depends on the harvest. In bad harvest years, we divide the organic olive oil proportionately to the size of the tree.

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