Alles Wichtige und Wissenswerte zu den Patenschaften von Organic Farming Italy

Hier findest Du alle Informationen zu den Adoptionen von Bio-Olivenbäumen. Wir lange sie laufen, wie man sie verlängern kann und vieles mehr.

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What does olive tree sponsorship mean?

With an olive tree sponsorship you are the godfather of the olive tree for the duration. The tree is not planted for you, it has been growing in the olive grove for many years. Some olive trees are several hundred years old. Godfather means that you alone have the patronage of this tree. He gets a wooden sign with your name on it, or a name you choose. During the time of adoption you can visit your tree if you register with us in advance.
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The olive trees are not freely accessible, but on our farm. Therefore, it is necessary that you agree a visit date with us.

How long does an olive tree sponsorship take?

A sponsorship always runs for one year, i.e. 365 days after the conclusion. A few weeks before the end of the sponsorship, we will write to you and ask you if you want to extend another year. You can then decide that freely. Actually, there would also be the possibility to offer a subscription, but we want to avoid prolonging sponsorships without the godparents really wanting it. Perhaps, in this case, they would have simply forgotten to resign in time. Then they ran into a subscription trap, which we don’t want.

Can I choose my olive tree?

Of course, this is theoretically possible. But for that you would have to be there with us and know which olive trees are the right ones, so have the right size and are still free. In most cases, we choose the trees. However, you can specify when ordering whether your tree should have certain characteristics, e.B. have a beautiful sea view, or be particularly old. We will then try to implement this.

Olive Tree Sponsorship Harvest 2020
Olive tree sponsorship at the 2020 harvest

What do I get as the godfather of a tree?

When you complete a sponsorship of an olive tree you have a certificate and a wooden sign on your olive tree. We then take photos and a video of the tree. We then upload all of this to a Dropbox folder and send you the link or we create a WhatsApp group specifically for your sponsorship and upload the pictures and video there. If you already have an adoption and have a WhatsApp group, just write to us via WhatsApp: Whatsapp: +49 151 6596 3737.Certificate - Adopt an organic olive tree in Italy

In the group you will also get updates to your tree if there is something new. For example, if Ubaldo and his team have pruned your olive tree, or it is starting to bloom. However, we cannot guarantee that. It always depends on how we find the time to send you news.

Is the project “Adopt Olive Tree” CO2 neutral?

Our farms are organically certified and absolutely sustainable. And we are trying to apply this to all accompanying measures. For example.B. for the gift packages we use a cardboard box, which is made of 40% recycled material and 60% of grass. The filling material is made of 100% corn starch.

And we do not send the olive oil from Italy to all the godparents, but have set up camps in the countries from which most of the godparents come. The deposits are once approached by truck and supplied with olive oil. From there, the godparents are supplied with their olive oil.

When will the organic olive oil be delivered? And how much?

The amount of olive oil that you get sent depends on the one hand on the size of the adopted olive tree and on the other hand on the amount of the harvest. In good years we produce around 2,000 liters of organic olive oil, in bad years half or even less. We divide the entire harvest among the sponsorships depending on the size of the tree. So it can be that with a normal tree size you get 3 bottles of olive oil in one year, in another year maybe only one bottle. The olive oil is produced in autumn and shipped in winter. Mostly in January / February.

What is the difference to the gift package?

With normal adoption, you get everything digitally. The certificate as PDF, video, and photos either in a Dropbox folder or in a WhatsApp group. But if you want to hold something in your hands to present it at a wedding or birthday, you should choose a gift package. Because with the gift package, in A special gift, olive tree sponsorship to the digital things, you get something sent home. A package of grass cardboard. The contents are a beautiful wooden frame with real glass plate in which the certificate is printed on beautiful cardboard. In addition, a sample bottle (250 ml) of the olive oil of the farm is included.

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What is Taggiasca Olive?

Taggiasca Olive is a very famous olive variety from the area of Imperia. It has a millennia-old history and is considered the best olive in Italy. In the 7th century it was brought to Imperia by the monks of Saint Columban and cultivated there. The monastery of the monks was in the municipality of Taggia, the namesake of the olive variety. More >>