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Olive blossoms olive tree aopting Italy
Olive blossoms olive tree aopting Italy

Olive blossoms 2020: farmers really deserve a good olive year

After the olive growers suffered very much from the low harvest in 2019, this year seems to be looking better. Last year, the olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae) infested the entire area along the Ligurian coast, resulting in the destroyed of just over two thirds of the harvest.

This was a severe blow to the region. Where, in addition to tourism, the olive oil of the famous Taggiasca Olive is one of the economic pillars of Liguria. And the former, tourism this year will be completely cancelled by the Corona crisis.

But one thing is always the same. In spring we are very curious to see how the olive trees will bloom, whether it can be a good olive year. Because that is the omen for us whether we will have a good year or less good. Just like most fruit growers, for example. When we walk through the organic park every morning and feed the plants, we observe the olive blossoms very closely.

Whether they are juicy and strong, or maybe a little stunted. And then we look to the sky. Is rain coming? Hopefully no storm or thunderstorm. These thoughts accompany us every day until the olive blossom has become a fruit, and we become a little more relaxed and the hope for a good olive year grows.

A good olive year for organic farmers 2020

But when we look at the inflorescences and the overall picture of our 1,000 organic olive trees, joy arises. The trees are good in juice and the olive blossoms are strong and pronounced. Olive trees will bloom in Liguria from April. At end- or side-standing, 2 to 4 cm long, risp-pearly inflorescences stand between 10 and 40 olive blossoms.

The almost seated, four-stellate olive blossoms of the olive tree are twitchy, but can be functionally single-sex and have a double flower shell (Perianth). Each flower contains two dust leaves and two fruit leaves. Most varieties are self-pollinating, with foreign pollination usually increasing yield.

The flower is pollinated by the wind. Here in Imperia the weather has done a good job in the last few weeks. Regular rain, temperatures between 12 and 21 degrees during the day, no storms, no frost. So the year can go on. At least as far as agriculture is concerned.

So: keep your fingers crossed that this is the way things are going and that we will have a good olive year in 2020!

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the current weather in Oneglia/Imperia

Overcast clouds

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