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Olive blossoms 2020: farmers really deserve a good olive year

Completing an organic olive tree sponsorship at Organic Farming Italy is different from buying olive oil at the discounter. With the sponsorship you get your own tree. You can see and visit him. And that’s the way it is, as long as you’re sponsor of the tree. Your tree is cherished, cared for and harvested by us. You can help at any time if you want to.

With adoption, you promote sustainable agriculture in Italy, because the small farms generate an additional income through the adoptions and get a fair price for the olive oil. As a result, more and more conventional farmers are switching to organic farming and the organic land is growing. On our farms, olive trees of the Taggiasca variety are grown throughout. This is a famous olive with a long tradition, which was introduced hundreds of years ago by the monks in Taggia. So a really special olive that delivers a first-class organic olive oil.

Sponsorship Olive Tree Kids

Thus, the process is an organic olive tree adoption ingescent using the example of Sassolive:


you can leave online with us. You can choose between the olive tree sponsorship without gift package or with gift package. It is important that you enter the name that should be on the wooden sign and the certificate when ordering. And maybe a date if you want a special one printed on it. The order will be automatically confirmed by e-mail.

1. Manufacture of wooden signs

Wooden signs for organic olive tree patentingAs soon as your order of the organic olive tree patent has arrived and paid for, Ubaldo goes to work. He looks for a nice piece of wood on the site and saws out a disc. He brings this sign to Bianca.

Bianca grinds the wood and writes the desired name on the wooden sign, drills holes for fastening and impregnates the sign with an organic impregnation. This protects the shield from running in case of weathering.

2. Attaching the wooden sign

Then Bianca is looking for a beautiful tree that is the right size depending on the order. She attaches the wooden sign to this tree. Then she shoots a video of the tree and takes photos of him and the sign. This photo material uploads them to either a Dropbox folder or a custom-created WhatsApp group, depending on your wishes.

It then stores the exact location of the tree in Google Maps and also sends the link to the group. The whole thing takes about 10 working days depending on the weather – in bad weather we can not put up the signs.

3. Preparation of the certificate

Organic Olive Tree Patent CertificateIn parallel with the signs, your certificate will also be created. We insert the desired name and date into the appropriate certificate and produce a PDF of it. This PDF is then uploaded to either the Dropbox folder or the WhatsApp group. The resolution of the PDF is so high that you get a good print quality if you want to print the certificate. Delivery time approx. 4 business days

4. You get this from us

Adoption Olive Tree Google MapsFrom your tree we take photos and a video and create a ganaue position on Google Maps so you can see exactly where your tree grows. We either upload this material to your organic olive tree sponsorship to a Dropbox folder created for you and only accessible by you, or we’ll create and upload a WhatsApp group for your adoption. The advantage of the group is that we can send you updates to your tree more easily. So when it starts to bloom or we prune it, etc.

5. The Gift Package

Gift Package Sponsorship Organic Olive TreeWe offer a gift package for each organic olive tree sponsorship, because we have found that most olive tree patents are not done for themselves, but for someone else. They are also very popular as wedding or birthday gifts. That’s why you can simply order the gift package.

This does not change the procedure of normal olive tree adoption. But, you get a package delivered home. This shipment includes the certificate printed on a beautiful paper in a white wooden frame and a vial of organic olive oil from the farm. Hereby you hold something in your hands that you can present at the feast or send to the recipient. Delivery time approx. 8 business days.

6. The delivery of the harvested extra virgin organic olive oil

Sponsorship organic olive oilThe harvest of your Taggiasca olive tree results in between one and six bottles of extra virgin organic olive oil, depending on the size of your tree. We harvest every year from October. Depending on the weather conditions, the harvest lasts until November/December.

Every day the olives are cold pressed. At a special supplier in the region that only processes organic olives. The oil is stored in large barrels until February. Then we fill it up and ship it.

7. Visiting your tree

Olive Tree Adoption Holiday HomeOur farm is not located in Spain or Crete. Organic Farming Italy is easily accessible by car. From z.B. Munich you are with us in 7 hrs. Imperia is a charming typical Italian town. It is located in a region protected by the state, which means that there is very little tourism and that everyday Italian life still takes place as it should be.

We are on a hill by the sea – Alpicella – between Imperia and Diano Marina. With us it is very quiet and spacious. So you can come to us if you like to visit your tree. Houses to live in are available.

8. Organic Farmer Variant

Farming Organic Olive TreeIf you choose the variant Organic Farmer, you will get a deep insight into Italian organic farming. During the harvest period from October to November you can stay a few days at discounted rates in one of the holiday homes.

During the day you help – yes, as you like – with the production of the olive oil. From harvesting the olives from your tree to sorting and distributing, to visiting the olive press and bottling the olive oil. So you can take a rare look behind the scenes and take your olive oil home right away.

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