Explanation olive tree sponsorship – how it works

Olive tree sponsorship explanation: discover how olive tree sponsorship works at Organic Farming Italy and secure your own organic olive tree. This is a unique opportunity not only to obtain high quality olive oil, but also to contribute to the promotion of sustainable agriculture in Italy.

This is how an olive tree sponsorship works: You become the sponsor of an olive tree and regularly receive olive oil directly from your tree. This is more than just shopping at the supermarket – it’s a personal relationship with your tree that you can visit and nurture at any time. Sponsorship extends for the entire duration of your support, and during that time we lovingly care for your tree, from maintenance to harvest. You are welcome to help and experience the process first hand if you like.

By adopting a tree, you are directly contributing to the support of small farms in Italy. The olive tree sponsorships provide them with an additional source of income and enable them to sell their organic olives at fair prices. This promotes the transition from conventional to organic farming and contributes to a steady increase in the area of organic land.

Also important to explain olive tree sponsorship: On our farms we only cultivate olive trees of the Taggiasca variety, a famous olive with a long tradition and excellent quality. These olives were introduced hundreds of years ago by monks in Taggia and are known for their premium organic olive oil. Discover the difference and become part of our community committed to sustainable agriculture and premium organic products. [MEHR ERFAHREN >]

Erklärung Olivenbaum Patenschaft Olivenhain

Explanation olive tree sponsorship: This is the procedure using the example of the farm Sassolive:

1. making the wooden signs for the olive tree sponsorship

Erklärung Olivenbaum Patenschaft Holzschilder

As soon as we have received your order and payment for the organic olive tree sponsorship, Max will get started immediately. He selects a first-class piece of wood on our premises and saws a panel from it. He then takes the piece of wood to Giulia.

Giulia refines the wooden surface by carefully sanding it and applies the name of your choice to the sign. She drills holes for the fastening and treats the sign with an ecological wood preservative. This treatment preserves the inscription of the sign from smudging due to weather conditions.

2. search olive tree and attach sign

Erklaerung Olivenbaum Patenschaft 2024 Holzschild am Baum uai

Next, Giulia will select a beautiful tree that matches your order size. To this tree she attaches the sign. She then films the tree and photographs both it and the sign. Depending on your wish, she will put this footage either in a Dropbox folder or in a WhatsApp group created especially for you.

Furthermore, she marks the exact location of the tree in Google Maps and shares the link in the said group. Depending on the weather conditions – in case of inclement weather we cannot install the signs – this process takes approximately 5 business days.

3. the preparation of the certificates for the olive tree sponsorship.

Erklärung Olivenbaum Patenschaft Urkunde

At the same time with the signs we prepare your personal certificate. Your chosen name and date will be carefully inserted and converted into a PDF.

Then we upload this PDF either to the Dropbox folder or to the WhatsApp group. Thanks to the high resolution of the PDF, you can be sure that the certificate will appear in first-class print quality, should it be printed. Delivery takes place within about 2 working days. Important for the explanation olive tree sponsorship.

4. photos and video of your organic olive tree

Erklärung Olivenbaum Patenschaft Foto Video

Every time you adopt an organic olive tree, you gain exclusive access to visual insights and detailed location information about your tree. We record the development of your tree with photos, videos and precise Google Maps positioning so that you can follow the growth process of your tree closely at all times.

You have two convenient options for sending this material: Either we set up a personal Dropbox folder for you, to which only you have access, or we set up a WhatsApp group specifically for your sponsorship, where we share all updates and information. The WhatsApp group offers the additional advantage that we can send you news and updates about your tree more quickly and directly – whether it is starting to flower, is due for pruning or similar events.

5. the gift package, optional with each adoption

Erklärung Olivenbaum Patenschaft Geschenkpaket

Every organic olive tree sponsorship can be upgraded with an additional gift set. We have noticed that this type of sponsorship often serves as a loving gift for friends or family members, especially for weddings or birthdays. To make it easier for you to choose a gift, you can simply add our gift set to your order.

The process of adopting an olive tree remains completely unchanged. As a special extra, however, you will receive an exclusive package delivered directly to your home. This contains a high-quality certificate, elegantly printed on sturdy paper and presented in a beautiful white wooden frame, as well as a small bottle of the finest organic olive oil directly from our farm. This gives you a tangible and meaningful gift that you can give or send personally to the recipient. Delivery is prompt and reliable and takes around 3-8 working days.

6. the delivery of the premium organic extra virgin olive oil.

Erklärung Olivenbaum Patenschaft Olivenöl

Depending on the size of the tree, the fruit from your Taggiasca olive tree will yield between one and six bottles of first-class organic extra virgin olive oil. Harvest time starts in October every year and can extend into November or December, depending on the climatic conditions.

Every day we press the freshly harvested olives cold and gently, in collaboration with a local manufacturer that specializes exclusively in organic olives. The precious oil is then stored in tanks and remains there until December before we carefully bottle it and ship it to you.

As a sponsorship holder, you can look forward to guaranteed delivery of this exquisite Organic extra virgin olive oil directly to your front door – or a Address of your choice – As soon as the harvest is complete and we know exactly what to expect, how much oil your tree has produced this seasonyou get the exclusive opportunity, additional olive oil from your tree to a at a reduced price and thus increase your stocks.

7. visit your organic olive tree

Erklärung Olivenbaum Patenschaft Besuch

Our charming farm, Sassolive, is not located in Spain or on the island of Crete, but is easily accessible by car. For example, you can reach us from Munich in just 7 hours. The charming little Italian town of Imperia, where our farm is located, is situated in a region protected by the state. This means that tourism plays only a minor role here and authentic Italian life can still be enjoyed to the full, as it should be.

Our farm itself is situated on a hill by the seamore precisely in Alpicella – between Imperia and Diano Marina. Here with us, you can enjoy peace and space to the full. You are welcome to visit us and your tree whenever you like. Comfortable accommodation is available for your stay. You can get a first impression of our idyllic spot here. HERE >>

9. find your tree on google maps

Erklärung Olivenbaum Patenschaft Google Map

Every single tree on our farm is lovingly marked on a Google Map. We are not the only ones to benefit from this clear presentation – you too can immerse yourself in this map and discover your very own personal olive tree from the sponsorship! Simply visit the website, type your order number into the search field and the exact location of your tree will be revealed. It’s like finding a little treasure on a map! 🌳📍

To the finder >>

9. support for organic farmers in Liguria

Erklaerung Olivenbaum Patenschaft Bio Duenger uai

Passionate organic olive growers in Italy are facing challenging times: In the last two years, many of them have suffered considerable crop losses. While last year’s harvest was already only around 20% of a normal yield, this year’s summer drought has exacerbated the situation.

But in times like these, solidarity also grows! The newly established organization “Rete Tesori della Riviera ” is committed to helping our organic farmers. And best of all: “Organic Farming Italy ” is also playing its part! With every tree adoption you complete, a small part of your contribution goes directly to this organization’s relief fund.

In this way, you support not just one tree, but a whole community of committed farmers. 🌿❤️

To the aid organization >>

10. extension of the sponsorships

Erklärung Olivenbaum Patenschaft Verlängerung

The classic organic olive tree sponsorship with us runs for a period of one year and is not automatically renewed. About 30 days before your sponsorship is due to expire, we will contact you to give you the opportunity to continue your green commitment.

You can then decide whether you want to renew your sponsorship for another year or opt for a flexible subscription, which you can easily cancel at any time.

This way, your organic olive tree always remains a part of your life, without you running the risk of forgetting to extend it. 🌳💚

For renewal >>

11. delivery of the olive oil

Erklärung Olivenbaum Patenschaft Lieferung Olivenöl

The explanation olive tree sponsorship also includes: with your decision for a sponsorship you enter the community of the Organic Farming organic community, an experience that goes far beyond the simple purchase of products such as on Amazon or in the supermarket.

As a sponsor, you don’t just buy olive oil; you enter into a one-year relationship with an olive tree and become part of its agricultural journey. The yield of the harvest is the direct result of this period of natural growth and care.

With a bountiful harvest, your tree will provide you with plenty of olive oil. In less favorable conditions, the yield is correspondingly lower. If the harvest fails completely, we will do everything we can to compensate for this loss. We strive to source high-quality olive oil from our immediate neighborhood and deliver it to you.

While this may not be the amount you expected, it shows our commitment and desire to be there for our community.

We hope that this explanation of olive tree sponsorship has helped you to better understand how we work and how sponsoring an organic olive tree with us works. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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