Olive Tree Adoptions 2022: 2022 season updates (adoptions from 11/19/2021 to 9/5/2022).

December 06, 2023: Timing dispatch

The olive oil is ready at Luca’s. He is still waiting for the delivery date for the glass bottles. There have been bottlenecks here for years. This year too, although one might think that there should be an abundance of bottles due to the poor harvests.

But he expects the bottles to arrive soon.

At the same time, we start producing the new labels. Each label must be approved by the Italian Chamber of Commerce, which always takes some time.
Olivo Calvi can then fill the olive oil into bottles and label the bottles.

As today is already St. Nicholas Day, we assume that Olio Calvi will deliver our olive oil at the beginning of January.
He then sends it on to Germany and other countries by freight forwarder, where shipping service providers are waiting to pack the individual parcels.

We therefore assume that the olive oil will be with the sponsors in mid to late January.

November 28, 2023: We calculate the quantities of oil

Luca has made us a concrete offer. The blend olive oil, bottles for filling, bottling, labeling. That sounds good. Now we can calculate how much olive oil we can send to the sponsors. This calculation looks something like this:

Yield sponsorship less:
– Sponsorship costs (wooden signs, material, mounting, videos, etc.)
– Running costs of the farm, which are incurred even without yield per tree
– Support Tesori della riviera
– Purchase olive oil
– Print labels
– Labeling
– Packaging
– Shipping to Germany and other European countries
– Fullfillment (individual packaging for godfathers, cartons, handling)
– Postage for single shipment

From the remaining amount, we can now calculate how much each sponsor can receive.

November 20, 2023: Luca Calvi offers a solution

Luca from Olivo Calvi offers a solution for us. He has a very good blend of olive oil for us. We drive down to his place to try it out. It’s very good! Green, mandorle, green artichoke, apple and not bitter. He can sell us the oil at an acceptable price.

November 07, 2023: First reactions from farmers

The first farmers from the neighborhood respond to our inquiry. But so far we’ve only gotten rejections. Either they haven’t had enough olives themselves, or they are asking a price of over 20 euros per liter. Then there would be the bottling and labeling. So it doesn’t work.

October 23, 2023: Broadcast call to our known organic farms in the neighborhood

As we have virtually no olive oil this year, but want to send you, the godparents of the olive trees, olive oil in any case, we have decided to buy olive oil from farmer friends. That’s why we’ve started a circular call.

Result: As the harvest is often still in progress and the yield is often very poor, nobody wants to commit to selling olive oil and at what price.

October 18, 2023: End of harvest

We finished the harvest again after only 5 days. There were no olives on about 80% of the trees. Thus, the harvest this year is 112 liters, instead of 2,000 liters in a good year.

October 12, 2023: Harvest start

Due to the infestation of the olive trees with the olive fruit fly, we must now quickly start harvesting. Due to the surprise cool and damp nights, we have a heavy infestation of olive fruit fly. It pierces the olives and lays its eggs in the olive. Thus, the olive is dead, turns black and falls off.

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