Want to visit your olive tree? We look forward to seeing you!

Visit an olive tree: You have your own olive tree, right by the sea in Italy – a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? And best of all, you are also contributing to a project that promotes sustainability and climate protection. If you would like to visit your tree, we look forward to welcoming you. We will then take plenty of time to show you around our farm and explain everything you need to know about your olive tree and our project.

However, there is something to bear in mind: Our farms are not easily accessible. So it would be a shame if you came by spontaneously and then stood in front of closed gates without being able to see your tree.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, please let us know a few days in advance if you are planning to come. Giulia, Max, Micol or Kai – we will then organize everything for your visit, open the gates for you and guide you personally to your olive tree. Your visit to us will be a very special experience!

The right journey to the farm

Visit the olive tree at Agriturismo Sassolive

IMPORTANT! Please do not drive into the Strada privata Daffieno! But
to this address (Google Maps knows it):
Strada Comunale Savoia 25, 18100 Imperia IM

Strada Comunale Savoia, 25, 18100 Imperia IM, Italien

This gate is the meeting point. You can park opposite where there is space. We will pick you up here and take you to your tree.

olivenbaum besuchen
Olivenbaum besuchen

Visit an olive tree near San Martino

You drive to this address (Google Maps knows it):
Via Armanna Superiore 47 – passare da, Via Lorenzo Acquarone, 18100 Imperia IM, Italy

Via Armanna Superiore 47, 18100 Imperia IM, Italien

Important: Here you have to turn left from Via Lorenzo Acquarone into this small street and then always follow the signs to “La Quercia”. There are plenty of parking spaces in front of the restaurant.

Olivenbaum besuchen San Martino

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