Cleanest beaches in Italy: the Riviera boasts the cleanest beaches

Liguria, the picturesque coastal region in the northwest of Italy, is known for its breathtaking landscapes, the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and a series of picturesque villages nestled against steep hills. In this idyllic setting, the region has achieved a remarkable success: In 2023, the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) will once again award Liguria’s beaches the highest number of Blue Flags – an internationally recognized symbol of ecological excellence and cleanliness on beaches and marinas.

The Foundation for Environmental Education: pioneering work for a green future

The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is at the forefront of the global movement for environmental education and sustainable development. Founded in the 1980s, the organization has developed into a comprehensive, worldwide network dedicated to making a positive contribution to global environmental protection through education. With programs in over 77 countries, FEE reaches millions of people and promotes awareness of environmental issues and sustainability.

Mission and vision

FEE works on the premise that education is an essential tool for achieving a more sustainable world. She sees it as her mission to empower people of all ages to expand their knowledge of the environment and translate this knowledge into concrete action. Their vision is a world in which people are consciously committed to the environment and contribute to the preservation and improvement of the earth.

FEE programs

FEE is known for its diverse and successful programs, each targeting different aspects of environmental education and management. Among the most prominent are:

  1. Blue Flag: Perhaps FEE’s best-known program is the Blue Flag program, which recognizes clean, safe and sustainably managed beaches, marinas and sustainable boating businesses.
  2. Eco-Schools: Eco-Schools is an international program that encourages students, teachers and local communities to actively participate in projects that make schools and their environments more sustainable.
  3. Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE): YRE is a network of young environmental journalists who are trained to draw attention to environmental problems through investigative reporting, photography and video production.
  4. Green Key: This international environmental certificate is awarded to tourism businesses that demonstrably meet strict environmental standards and are committed to sustainable management.
  5. Learning about Forests (LEAF): LEAF promotes environmentally friendly behavior and knowledge about forest conservation and sustainability through educational activities.

Influence and reach

Through its programs, FEE reaches people in urban and rural areas and bridges socio-economic and cultural barriers. By entering into partnerships with schools, governments, NGOs and companies, the organization promotes the dissemination of best practices and innovations in the field of environmental management and education.

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The role of environmental education

The FEE emphasizes the importance of environmental education as a basis for sustainable development. By conveying an understanding of complex ecological interrelationships and promoting a critical examination of environmental issues, the organization equips individuals with the tools they need to make responsible decisions.

Challenges and future plans

The challenges facing FEE are as dynamic as the field of environmental protection itself. Climate change, species extinction, environmental pollution and resource scarcity require innovative solutions and the courage to rethink existing systems. FEE plans to expand its reach, diversify its programs and strengthen its presence in developing and emerging countries to achieve an inclusive and far-reaching impact.

Cooperation and support

FEE invites individuals, schools, communities and businesses to join its programs and become part of the solution. Through donations, volunteer work and active participation in their programs

The prestige of the Blue Flag

The Blue Flag is a renowned seal of quality for environmental management, education, safety and accessibility at beaches and marinas worldwide. Beaches that wish to receive the Blue Flag certificate must meet strict requirements that are regularly checked. These criteria ensure that visitors can not only enjoy clean and safe beaches, but are also informed and involved in local environmental issues.

Sauberste Strände Italiens 2023 Auszeichnung

Italy’s cleanest beaches: commitment to environmental education

A key aspect of the Blue Flag program is the promotion of environmental awareness. It requires that visitors have access to educational resources that help them understand the environmental significance of the place they are visiting. Information on biodiversity, ecosystems and local environmental phenomena must be clearly visible and accessible.

The role of the Community for the cleanest beaches in Italy

The award also underlines the commitment of local communities and initiatives such as the “Organic Trees” adoptive parents. Through sustainable agriculture and care of the natural environment in the immediate vicinity of the coast, they make a decisive contribution to keeping the beaches clean.

Fulfillment of strict criteria

In order to be considered for the Blue Flag, the municipalities in Liguria must fulfill a variety of requirements, including:

– Comprehensive public information on environmental issues and the Blue Flag program.
– Consistent compliance with high standards for bathing water quality and wastewater treatment, including regular water samples and timely reporting.
– Establishment of a beach management commission that adheres to legal requirements and meets waste management standards.
– Ensuring lifeguards, first aid equipment and safe access to the beach as well as developing emergency plans.

If national standards for certain criteria, such as water quality, are higher than the Blue Flag requirements, these have priority.

The Blue Flag is not only a sign of environmental awareness and clean bathing water, but also acts as a quality feature that attracts tourists and strengthens the image of the regions as exemplary travel destinations.

Liguria’s tireless efforts for the award: Italy’s Cleanest Beaches 2023 and the commitment of local communities have enabled the region to maintain a leading position in terms of cleanliness and sustainability – a role model for coastal regions worldwide.

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