Olive blossoms 2020: farmers really deserve a good olive year

The first weeks of the olive harvest are over. Time to draw a first conclusion. Even without knowing the numbers, a glance at the faces of the olive farmers is enough to realize that it is finally a good harvest in Liguria. After the bad two years, this is a really great year. Maybe even a record year. The weeks leading up to the 2020 olive harvest were nerve-wracking for the farmers here in Liguria. Storms moved across the sea and threatened to destroy the harvest. Instead, however, there was rain, which was urgently needed, because the olives were a trace too small, through the long period without rainfall.

Olive harvest 2020 Sort

And this light but permanent rain irrigated the olive trees for several days, so that the olives could still be sucked in with water just before the harvest – ideal conditions.

And so this year’s olive harvest became a real joy for organic farmers. The nets, baskets, and boxes are quickly packed with taggiasca olives, a real specialty for which the region is famous. The initial forecasts for the total quantity are promising. The organic farm Sassolive estimates a yield, it will be well above 1,200 liters (normal yield: 700 to 1,000).

After pressing, the olive oil is still very spicy and has a greenish coloration. Therefore, it is rarely sold before January/February. Over the course of these weeks, it will become much milder. Just as the normal consumer is used to.
At Organic Farming Italy you have the opportunity to participate in the harvest and produce your own olive oil.

Olive harvest 2020 olive oil

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