Organic Farming Italy: the modern way to promote organic farming and to obtain the best food.

Organic Farming Italy is a new, sustainable and transparent way to get the best organic food directly from the producer. As a collective of like-minded people from Europe, we have been working for years for sustainable agriculture in harmony with nature. In addition to the Taggiasca olives, we also grow other foods such as fruits and vegetables, but also our organic wine and Mediterranean herbs. A friendly beekeeper supplies us with organic honey, which was collected on the farm. Maybe we’ll put the honey on sale soon.

For example, you can adopt an organic olive tree at Organic Farming Italy and receive your fresh organic olive oil from your tree that has been tended directly for you by the organic farmer. Or come to Oneglia in Liguria in the autumn and help with the production itself. If you don’t want to wait for the harvest, you can order our oil directly in the shop.


"This place is far too beautiful, the olive trees too enchanting, not to be shared with like-minded people."

100% Authentic

We understand Organic Farming Italy as a task and a challenge at the same time to compete against industrial agriculture and to show that it is also possible to do it organically. To be authentic, with your own hands and biological fertilizer and with a lot of love for the plants.

100% Organic

On our farms, everything is 100% organic, including the corresponding certificates. And it has been for years. On tens of hectares of land there is no trace of chemistry or non-organic substances. The quality of our products thanks us.

100% Sustainable

Organic Farming Italy is not just about the production of agricultural products. Through the organic care of the farms of Organic Farming Italy, we enjoy growing biodiversity. Often we find new rare herbs and insects.


Organic Farming Italy - Alpicella

The hill next to the “Alpicella” tower - a relic from the Middle Ages - has been in the possession of the Navaro family for generations, and an extensive park extends over 7 hectares right by the sea. So if you walk between the organic olive trees you have an incredible view of the sea to the south and the maritime Alps to the north. It is a place whose magic inevitably captivates a visitor. Organic Farming Italy.

New Stuff - Stay up to date on Organic Farming Italy

Actually, there is a lot of news every day from our organic farmers at Organic Farming Italy. Only the time is missing to write down everything, take photos and put it on the net. We have a full program every day from morning to evening. And then we fall into bed and enjoy the peace and quiet. So, please don't be disappointed that we don't produce regular news.

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