Olive Tree Adoptions 2022: 2022 season updates (adoptions from 11/19/2021 to 9/5/2022).

November 25, 2022: on a shopping spree

Our Sassolive olive oil is pressed. We have about 15% olives compared to a normal harvest. We will divide this olive oil among our godmothers.

And we are on a shopping spree. To make up for the lack of our own olive oil for the patrons of the trees, we were at the olive festival Olioliva in Imperia and tested oil for you. It rained more in the mountains than on the coast. Therefore, farmers in the hinterland have more oil and great quality.

Due to the general shortage of olive oil due to the virtual failure of farmers on the coast, this year the demand is very high and prices are high. But we will surely make a deal with one of the farmers from the mountains in the next 14 days and then send the olive oil to our sponsors in January/February.

Bio Olivenöl Einkaufstour

And here impressions of the Olioliva 2022

September 30, 2022: just before harvest.

Actually, the olive harvest begins now. “actually” because due to the drought this year almost no olives are left on the trees ☹. Almost all the trees are not worth harvesting.
A tragic situation all along the coast for all farmers. But we will try to get equivalent olive oil for our adoptive parents. Bianca is already talking to farmers from the mountains where the drought was not quite as bad.

Since there is no harvest this year, you now extend directly to next year after the harvest, so you get olive oil from your tree in any case.

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In addition, a portion of each adoption fee goes into a newly established relief fund. “Rete Tesori della Riviera” is an aid organization that helps organic olive farmers to survive. This is so dramatic because the farmers have not been able to earn an income for two years and do not know how to feed their families.


March 16, 2022: We are waiting for rain.

What is great for vacationers is not good for us farmers. All of January and February were too dry. Clouds have finally been coming for a few days. But almost no rain comes to earth. It is important for the olive trees right now, because this is when the inflorescences are formed. So keep your fingers crossed that a lot will come down in the next few days.

Olive tree sponsorship 2022

February 11, 2022: Important in February: Pruning and fertilizing trees.

There is a lot of work to be done in January and February. Our 1,100 trees from Sassolive, but also the many trees from other farmers, want to be prepared for the coming flowering year. That means everywhere in the country you can now see tons of olive branches from pruning the trees and it smells like fertilizer. To make your trees produce nice fat organic olives, we got a new organic fertilizer that is highly recommended by other organic farmers in Liguria…