Exclusive Olive Oil Sommelier Seminar with Dieter Oberg

Olive Oil Sommelier Seminar: the German speaking “guru” in olive oil, Dieter Oberg has agreed, due to our friendly connection, to offer an exclusive olive oil seminar for the members of the Organic Farming Italy Community. A unique opportunity for all those interested in olive oil. After the seminar you will be able to evaluate the quality of olive oil, you will be able to understand what is written on the labels and you will have tasted and tested yourself what flavors there can be in olive oil.

Contents of the olive oil seminar

In the one-day seminar you will learn everything you need to know about olive oil and you will learn the sensory testing of olive oil according to the DOP standard. It is composed in blocks of general information, background knowledge and practical practice of testing different olive oils from all over Europe.

Olive Oil Sommelier Seminar with Dieter Oberg Testing

  • Olive varieties, cultivation, production in Europe
  • Agronomic practice (traditional and superintensive) and the impact on qualities.
  • The fruit, duck time, harvesting methods
  • Harvest time, storage, pressing
  • What factors influence the flavors?
  • Prevention of oxidation (peroxide value, UV absorption, pyropheophytins)
  • Rules sensory test according to IOC
  • Test Method Explanation and Application
  • Learning: qualification of sensory impressions
  • Perception/assessment method
  • Apply classification criteria
  • Joint testing and evaluation of tens of fresh oils from all over Europe
  • Presentation of the certificates of participation

Price: depending on number of participants between 200,- and 300,- €
Place: Germany, location depending on feedback
Time: January/February

Olive oil sommelier seminar laboratory Dieter Oberg
Source: Stiftung Warentest

Dieter Oberg
has headed the Informationsgemeinschaft Olivenöl for 35 years, founded and headed the German Olive Oil Panel (DOP) for 17 years, which developed the current valid sensory test standards in Europe. He advises the European Union, Stiftung Warentest, many institutes and olive oil producers in Europe. And he is a juror in tens of recognized olive oil test panels such as the “GOOL – global Olive Oil Award”. There is no one more competent in Germany when it comes to olive oil.

Due to our long-standing relationship, Dieter Oberg has agreed to conduct a closed olive oil sensory seminar for our Community & Friends. However, this requires a minimum participation of 15 participants. Therefore, we ask you to tell us in advance if you would be generally interested in an olive oil seminar. When enough do this, we start to plan concretely.

Please let us know if you are generally interested in an olive oil seminar with Dieter Oberg. Depending on the number of interested parties, we start with the concrete planning.

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