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Olivenbaum besuchen Titel

Want to visit your olive tree?

Here you can find out everything you need to know if you want to visit your olive tree ...

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Alles über Olivenbäume Titel

Impressive! All about olive trees

All in all, olive trees are fascinating creatures that not only characterize the Mediterranean landscape, but also play an important role…

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Olivenöl Sommelier Seminar Titel

Olive Oil Sommelier Seminar with Dieter Oberg

In the one-day seminar you will learn everything you need to know about olive oil and you will learn the sensory testing of olive oil…

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oliven baum adoptieren uai

Olive Tree Sponsorships 2023 Ticker

Olive tree sponsorships 2022: Here you can see the individual steps of production and shipping in the ticker.

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crowdfarming italy shop titel uai

6 facts about pruning the perfect olive tree

Pruning olive tree: Pruning for agriculture is very different from pruning as an ornamental plant and is much more difficult and requires…

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Erklärung Olivenbaum Patenschaft Titelbild

How an olive tree sponsorship works

Organic olive tree patent in Northern Italy/Oneglia. We explain how it works for us.

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taggiasca olive uai

Taggiasca Olive – everything you need to know

Taggiasca Olive is considered to be the most famous and tasteful olive in the world. So it's worth getting to the bottom of the taggiasca…

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Olivenbaum Patenschaft 2023

Olive tree sponsorships 2022 ticker

Olive tree sponsorships 2022: Here you can see the individual steps of production and shipping in the ticker.

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Hilfsfonds Bio Olivenbauer Italien uai

Aid Fund Organic Olive Farmers Italy

Relief Fund Organic Olive Farmers Italy "Rete Tesori della Riviera" Rescue operation for organic farmers in Italy because of the drought…

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Sassolive Farm Imperia uai

Sassolive – our mother farm

We do not value the amount of our organic products achieved, but on the high quality and harmony with nature during production. But also on…

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ligurien sauberste straende 23 uai

Cleanest beaches in Italy 2023: Liguria – great!

The beaches of Liguria will receive the most blue flags of the Foundation for Environmental Education in 2020. Thanks to all the organic…

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san martino organic farm uai

Organic Farm San Martino

The farm is the realization of a lifelong dream for Alberto Dalpiaz and his family. Years ago Alberto and his wife Giulia Bartellone…

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Olive Tree Sponsorships 2021 Ticker

Olive tree sponsorships 2021: Here you can see the individual steps of production and shipping in the ticker.

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bio farming italien ernte 2021 1 uai

Olive harvest in 2021 – a good year is often followed by a less good one

Unfortunately, the year 2021 does not look so good. Admittedly, we cannot complain about storms or adverse circumstances. Also, the weather…

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patenschaft bio olivenbaum italien olivenblueten scaled 1 uai

2020: a good olive year for farmers

After the olive growers suffered very much from the low harvest in 2019, this year seems to be looking better. But when we look at the…

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frische taggiasca oliven 2020 uai

Happy about the 2020 olive harvest

The olive harvest 2020 makes the organic farmers look forward to the winter. Due to the many rains just before the harvest, the olives have…

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