Extension of your olive tree sponsorship

Extension of your olive tree sponsorship

So you can extend your olive tree adoption by one year.

Here you can find everything you need to know.

We are pleased that you want to extend your sponsorship for your organic olive tree. It’s very easy. For the extension, we have created a product that is slightly cheaper than the first sponsorship. After all, we also have less effort. If you are already a customer, it is best to log in first. It is important for us that you give us your cell phone number so that we can send you photos of your tree and updates via a Wahstapp group created for you. If you have received the sponsorship as a gift, you will become a new sponsor with your same tree with us when you place your order.

In order to find your tree we also need the current order number from you. You can find them on the certificate:

Important: Your new sponsorship replaces the current sponsorship. So it starts from the beginning with the completion of the extension and you get the olive oil from your tree as usual next winter. As usual in agriculture, we cannot guarantee the amount of harvest of your tree. In 2020 we had a good harvest and you received the estimated amount of organic olive oil, in 2021 the harvest was very bad and you get correspondingly less olive oil. In 2022, the drought in Italy will actually make the harvest even worse than in 2021. Many of the olive farmers are threatened in their existence.

Therefore, we try to organize equivalent organic olive oil for our olive tree sponsors so that they do not go empty-handed. In addition, with every adoption and every renewal, we support the just created relief fund Rete Tesori della Riviera, which will help the organic olive farmers on the west coast of Liguria to survive. MORE >>

You can renew for one year or for several years:

To renew for one yearFor renewal for several years

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Contact to the organic farms

Contact to the organic farms

Contact with the organic farms and with us

Contact with the organic farms? Here you will find all contact details for Organic Farming Italy and the connected organic farms.

Contact: Organic Farming Italy

Organic Farming Italy is the headquarters of the cooperations. We coordinate marketing and sales and are the point of contact for customers. The respective farms are the legal contractual partners.


Telefono: +39 338 597 3817

Strada privata Daffieno, 18100 Imperia

Organic Farming Italy

Str. Privata Daffieno, 25, 18100 Imperia, IM, Italien

Contact: Sassolive - azienda agricola

The Sassolive – azienda agricola is the mother of all our organic farms. It has a long tradition in olive oil cultivation and organic farming.


Telephone: +39 347 59 76 928

Via Diano Calderina 284, 18100 Imperia, Italy


Sassolive - azienda agricola

Via Diano Calderina 284, 18100 Imperia, Italy

Contact: San Martino organic farm

The San Martino organic farm has been growing organically for many years. In addition to olive oil, it also produces honey, vegetables, eggs and fruit.


Telephone: +39 335 8478123

Via Amanna sup. 43, 18100 Imperia, Italy


San Martino organic farm

Via Amanna sup. 43, 18100 Imperia, Italy

Heade Organicfarming Italy philosophie


authentic - biological
- sustainable

Our philosophy: we are not angels, but we have a vision.

Our philosophy: You don’t have to be an angel to get good moving. We drive Vespa and cars, we have cell phones and we eat fish and sometimes meat. But we have a vision. We imagine that we are initiating a movement through which more and more farmers in Liguria and the whole of Italy are discovering how much more real, beautiful and, in the long term, it is more profitable to cultivate their land organically.

And that join the people, from all over Europe. People who discover Organic Farming Italy for themselves, who are enthusiastic about this idea and want to help passively or actively to spread faster and more quickly.

So at some point we will be hundreds of farmers and thousands of contributors. And we will be proud that we have been able to play a part in protecting the climate, improving nutrition and preserving biodiversity.

2022 was a dramatic year for organic olive growers on the coast of western Liguria. The drought, which began in the winter and continued throughout the year, has led to the fact that the harvest more or less fails. And this after the year 2021 also already brought only 10-15% of the usual harvest. We have reacted and are supporting a newly established relief fund: Rete Tesori della Riviera. He is trying to ensure the survival of organic farmers. MORE >>

And you can help us with that. MORE >>

The year 2023 was also very bad. This time for all olive farmers throughout the Mediterranean region. We were only able to produce 8% of the normal harvest. Overall, around 50% of the harvest is missing in Europe. As a result, the price of olive oil in Germany rose by 47%, which was by far the highest value in the inflation basket.

schwalbenschwanz italien biodiversitaet


"There are two days when you can't improve the world: yesterday and tomorrow."


Tenzin Gyatso

Dalai Lama

Quality always stands before profit

When we have to choose between the quality of our products and the margin for the same, we always choose the quality. That is our philosophy. For example, we will not allow new adoptions if we are concerned that we will not be able to produce enough organic olive oil for the adoptive parents at the end of the year. Because we would never mix our olive oil with one from another farm. This is what you taste when you know the original oil and this would not meet our demand for first-class organic olive oil. And our philosophy is to only have people around us who share our views. This applies equally to farmers, but also to customers.

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There is not only a little organic

Our philosophy: organic is not a trend, it is a way of life. Although it is not possible for most people to keep to the rules of a sustainable life. This is not the case with our organic olive oil. There is no such way here or not at all. So our olive oil is 100% organic. Without any additives. Even the olive press has never come into contact with anything inorganic unnatural.

bio olivenbaeume adoptieren oneglia uai 1000x666 1

Share and communicate

Sustainability is too important not to be shared. So we are always looking for new ideas in order to spread as far as possible what is good and right for all of us. Adoption of the olive trees is just an idea here. For example, we also plan to offer events for companies so that their co-owners can experience live what it means to produce food in harmony with the environment.

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You and us - the organic community

People who just want to buy olive oil shouldn’t adopt an organic olive tree from us. With the sponsorship you are part of a community of organic farmers. With all its advantages and disadvantages. You take part in the development of your tree, you can come and visit it. But like all farmers you also bear the risk of a bad harvest, for example. That’s nature.


Thanks for the great feedback!

That spurs us on to continue like this!

Organische Landwirtschaft in Italien

Organic farming in Italy

Two farmers, many kids,
four dogs and Max.

Organic farming in Italy

Organic farming in Italy - the community for the promotion of sustainable agriculture

Organic farming in Italy - the community for the promotion of sustainable agriculture

Organic farming in Italy: welcome to Organic Farming Italy, where the best ideas are literally born in the heart! Our story began when Bianca Bartolozzi decided to take over her
idyllic piece of land
in Italy with others who are as passionate about organic farming and sustainability as she is.

We believe that our land belongs not only to us, but to all those who are passionate about organic agriculture in Italy and harmony with nature. And that’s why we’ve created a special way to include you in our vision. You can
become godfather of one of our thousand organic olive trees
and with it not only a piece of Italy, but also the idea: organic farming in Italy.

Through your sponsorship, you will become part of our large community of like-minded people working together to improve the world of organic agriculture in Italy. We firmly believe that small steps can make a big difference and we are proud to be making our contribution to a sustainable future.

Organic farming in Italy bioagricert
Organic farming in Italy bioagricert

If you would like to find out more about our mission and sponsorship opportunities, we invite you to contact us. At Organic Farming Italy you are not only a supporter, but an important part for organic farming in Italy.

Let’s change the world together through organic farming and bring a piece of Italy to your heart. We look forward to meeting you and working with you for a sustainable future.

Organische Landwirtschaft in Italien Holzschild


"Fra il leccio il pino l'ulivo alto sul mare. tra voli di farfalle sparsi canti di uccelli, ansia di mare."

Novaro M e Maria Tarditi CapoBerta 2

Mario Novaro about Organic Farming Itay

Bianca's great-great-grandfather

Our organic farms

You want to promote sustainability? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our organic farmers in the region have a passion for organic farming Italy that goes beyond “Organic Farming Italy”. They think, feel and work one hundred percent organically to create a sustainable future.

Currently they farm more than 20 hectares of prime organic land in the beautiful region of Liguria. Not only olives thrive here, but also delicious vegetables, juicy fruit and exquisite wine. Our farmers also produce pesto, pickled olives and fresh organic eggs and organic honey – all of the highest quality and with love for nature.

The success of “Organic Farming Italy” has attracted the attention of other farmers and beekeepers. We are growing and thriving together, and it is quite possible that new members will soon enrich our sustainable organic farming community in Italy. Thus, “Organic Farming Italy” is creating an ever-growing area that is not only organic, but also sustainably farmed.

Do you want to be part of this wonderful movement and support organic agriculture in Italy? Together we can make the world a little bit greener and more sustainable. Learn more about our mission and become part of our organic community!

Sassolive – azienda agricola

The history of Sassolive - azienda agricola goes back a few hundred years. Bianca great-great grandfather Mario Novaro had fallen in love with the hill of…

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San Martino Organic Farm

Since its foundation in 2004, Alberto, Giulia and their two sons have worked tirelessly to produce the highest quality food in the most ecological way…

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Impressions: organic farming in Italy

In addition to producing organic food, we are excited about the amazing side effects of sustainable agriculture.

Our farms are not only places of food production, but also true oases of biodiversity. An impressive variety of plants blooms here, which not only delights our senses, but also provides a habitat for rare herbs and insects that are hard to find elsewhere.

With “Organic Farming Italy” we set an example for the protection and promotion of biodiversity through sustainable agriculture. Our farms are living proof of how we can work together to preserve and develop natural diversity. Discover with us the fascinating world of organic farming in Italy and be part of our commitment to a sustainable future. Together we achieve great things through “Organic Farming Italy”.